photo Changyi Lin

Hi! I am currently a senior in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). I spent my first two and a half years of the undergraduate phase exploiting robots for "RoboMaster Robotics Competition". With my background in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, I have a keen interest in Robotics.

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Functions of Engineer Robot

engineer robot 3D my teammates engineer robot compet

Engineer Robot’s Functions: 

  • NO.1 Traversing stairs.

  • NO.2 Mineral grabbing& delivery.

  • NO.3 Rescuing partner robots.

I was in charge for the functions of climbing, mineral grabbing and mechanical arm for rescuing.


Use tread-based mechanism to climb stairs with 97.5% success rate.

Mineral-Grabbing Mechanism

4D Mineral-Grabbing Mechanism (v1)

Grab three boxes of mineral in 6s.

6D Mineral-Grabbing Mechanism (v2)

Grab five boxes of mineral with rebounding in 11s.

Mechanical Arm for Rescuing

2D Mechanical Arm for Rescuing (v1)

One air cylinder for shrinking.
One air cylinder for capturing.
One limit switch functions as trigger.

1D Mechanical Arm for Rescuing (v2)

Only one air cylinder for capturing with
lower mass, complexity and higher stability.